A Christ-centered Learning Environment

Students carol at local businesses during Christmastime

About St. Anthony's Catholic Preschool

Our program at St. Anthony's is designed with long range goals in mind. The program contributes effectively to your child's spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional and physical development.

Spiritual Development

  • To lead your child to know that God made him and loves him very much.
  • To lead your child to trust and believe in Jesus as his Savior.
  • To teach your child to speak to God in prayer.
  • To lead your child to appreciate the wonders of God's creation.

Social Development

  • To help your child make a smooth transition from home to school.
  • To help your child gain a feeling of security.
  • To help and encourage your child to develop desirable social habits, such as self-control, fair play, and courtesy toward others.

Intellectual Development

  • To extend your child's world by indentifying concepts and adding to them.
  • To stimulate your child's interest in learning.
  • To help your child form concepts that will serve as building blocks.
  • To provide opportunities for your child to reason.
  • To help your child grow in language development.
  • To provide an academic base for entrance into kindergarten.

Emotional Development

  • To set an example for fairness, honesty and integrity for your child to emulate.
  • To help your child create a favorable self-concept.
  • To provide opportunities for your child to succeed.

Physical Development

  • To help develop your child's large and small motor skills.
  • To encourage correct habits of healthful living.